Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Cages Are Open

If you parachuted into a place where children were lying dead, houses were bombed out and dogs roamed the land, you would say you were in a war zone.

If you saw guns blazing, people falling, hateful graffiti on walls and devastation all round you, you would say you were in a war zone.

If you saw tents, medical personnel running hither and yon, stretchers with the wounded and the dying being brought in, you would say you were in a war zone.

If you happened upon a large congregation of people, screaming and crying, with blood everywhere and many moaning in pain alongside the dying, you would say you were in a war zone.

America is that war zone. 

A war is in America and it has been raging for a long time now. 

It didn't start with 9/11.

It didn't start because people own guns.

It didn't start because of a Republican or Democratic presidency; a Congress filled with one party or another, or a judiciary with a social engineering bias. 

Evil is a lion, crouching in the shadows.  We used to catch it and keep it in the cage of Law.  Yes, the lions were still about, but the cages awaited when they emerged from the shadows. 

This all started when people went to the zoo and felt so sorry for how the lions were in cages.  They said, "Release them.  Be free!"  So, go ahead and...

Abort your inconvenience. 
Marry your partner.
Don't marry at all.
Have a child and raise this child without a mother/father. 
Have a child.  Have another.  Have another.  The State will take care of them.
Deadbeat dads, incarcerated dads, absentee dads, no dads, just a sperm donor.
Assert your rights, and blame every obstacle, every unhappiness, on the society. Take no personal responsibility.
Make movies more and more violent, sexual, and violently sexual.  No subject is off-limits.
Make video games more and more violent, sexual and violently sexual.  No subject is off-limits.
Bully until the person kills him or herself and celebrate it on Facebook.
Encourage your friends to kill themselves.  Repeatedly text them do they can't escape you.
Videotape someone being beaten up and post it on Facebook.  Don't try to stop it though.
Marry. Divorce.  Marry.  Divorce.  Step-parents, step-grandparents, step siblings...Families are flexible in the definition.  The nuclear family did just that:  it exploded in a big divorce rate and there is no end in sight. 

Rename the lion a lifestyle, a right, a progressive move.  But the bow of tolerance on it and watch it run off into your country, your schools, your media. 

Then our country, whose lions have been released (and more are released with every passing decade) turned into a place I no longer recognize:

Teenagers go into schools and shoot their fellow students.
People go into malls, schools, daycare centers, places of business, hotels, churches to kill the people there. 
Men marry men, women marry women, men marry multiple women. 
Young people kill themselves.

Some lions are still in the zoo, waiting in cages, though:
It's not legal to marry a child.
It's not legal to mutilate a girl's genitals.
It's not legal to murder your son or daughter for dishonoring you.

But the day will come, under the banner of multi-cultural tolerance.  After all, who made western values king?   Why should western values be the highest standard? 

Evil is in full swing because we let the lions out of their cages.  They wander and devour anyone they can find, innocent or guilty, young or old, proponent or opponent. 

The government has helped to unlock the doors or has stood idly by while the judiciary has, until now there are too many lions wandering about.  We simply can't catch them all. 

The churches have tried to make peace with the lions, calling them big kitties that need compassion and love.  Truth?  No.  Keep the Bible in the pew, please.  Take the cross down.  Don't offend.  Make the lions purr when they come into church.

The media likes the lions running around.  It makes people watch and read the media more.

In the end, it will be the Lion of Judah who takes down the lions we now face.  We will have to choose to serve either the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness. 

Gray is going away. 

Being on the sidelines is going away. 

As Bob Dylan sang, "Ya gotta serve somebody.  It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but ya gotta serve somebody."

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