Monday, June 29, 2015

The Day God Left America

     On June 18, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is the law of the land. 
     We are done.  No more protests, no more campaigns, no more tearful couples standing on the steps of county courthouses.  Gay marriage is now as much a part of America as abortion.  Both are human rights issues, and both are the law.  We have made tremendous progress.
     Have we?

     Abortion has terminated the lives of almost 57 million babies. Human rights?  Yes, for the mother.  For the baby?  Not so much.   
     Perhaps the team of doctors who would have found the cure for cancer are in that number.  How many gifted musicians, lawyers, politicians and scientists are in that number?  Perhaps next time we lament that there is no cure for cancer/Alzheimer's/ AIDS/ Ebola...we should consider that someone was going to make that discovery, but alas, that someone was inconvenient.  Inconvenient for the mother.  Inconvenient for the society?  Not so much. 
     Some leaders in the black community have even called this the "black genocide," because a large percentage of these little ones were black.  Sadly, many have recanted this position; political party alliances are far and away more important than black lives.  Black lives matter, unless they are in the womb.
     California has had scandals with Planned Parenthood, which has performed abortions on underage girls and despite the fact that the fathers were adults, CPS was not contacted.  Good for the adult males--no need to be held accountable for their actions.  The young girls?  Not so much.
    Many states do not require that the parents of underage girls be contacted when an abortion is to be performed.  Again, great for the adults who do the impregnating.  The parents of such girls?  Not so much.  
    If you would have brought any of this up in 1973, the response would have been, "You are being ridiculous.  Women should have rights over their bodies.  Underage girls?  No parental notification?  Nonsense.  This is to protect adult women from having to have a baby that they do not want.  You're just using scare tactics."
    Really?  We're there.  It took 43 years, but we are there.
    Now, we have jumped the next big hurdle:  The Supreme Court says that we should not cry out in the night alone.  Marriage thus is what you define it to be:  a human right, an antidote to loneliness, a civil right, a right for two people who love each other.
     Marriage is no longer tethered to that Book that dares not speak its name.  Forget the divine design.  Pitch such antiquated notions on the scrapheap of history.  Celebrate diversity in marriage.  For now that means hetero- and homosexual couples.    
     What is the future 40 years from now in America? 
     Why limit the number? 
     Enter polygamy or polyandry.
     Why limit the age?
     Mohammed married a nine-year-old.  Many men in the Middle East do likewise today. 
     Why limit the species?
     In Germany, there are brothels (excuse me, they are called "erotic zoos") that specialize in animal partners.
      I hear you say, "Oh, that is ridiculous.  People will not allow such affronts to marriage.  If two adults love each other, that is the standard.  All these other examples are just scare tactics."
      Tell that to the 57 million.  They're listening.
      So is God.
      Wait a minute.  I believe He left America.
      "When did that happen?" you ask.
       June 18, 2015.


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